Sound Engine

Artisan Instruments, Inc. is proud to present a major breakthrough in virtual organ sound production.  This is a proprietary hardware Sound Engine that is manufactured specifically for the purpose of reproducing the highest quality digital organ samples.  It is designed exclusively for the purpose of installing digital samples to be used in:

  1.    Augmenting pipe or electronic organs

  1.    Converting analog organs to become digital organs

  1.    Constructing a Virtual Organ

Consider the following advantages:

  1.    No more expensive computers with huge requirements for RAM and processing speed.

  1.    No more hard drives and fans to wear out.

  1.    No more off the shelf systems to become antiquated only months after you purchase them.

  1.    No more dealing with expensive and inefficient operating systems.

The Artisan Sound Engine is backed by a company whose primary business for over 6 decades has been the manufacture of organs and organ components.

Bottom line.  A product designed by people who play and appreciate organs.

The Artisan Sound Engine is encased in a small platform package with a Linux Operating System.  It has the following features:


  1.     Completely silent operation with no moving parts.  No fan or HD to create noise or wear out

  1.     Low Heat output for extra long life of processors

  1.     No dependence on third party hardware and software

  1.     No lengthy boot sequence

  1.     Polyphony of 2096 notes simultaneously keyed, 7000 audio files simultaneously played

  1.     Fully integrated MIDI OUT and IN which eliminates the requirement for a USB MIDI interface

  1.     Can be configured using a text configuration file

  1.     The lowest latency available in a sound engine to date! Less than 8ms total response time even with very large organs and very large registrations.


  1.     Each rank may be controlled with relation to volume

  2.     Each note within a rank may be controlled with relation to volume

  3.     Each rank may have modeled tremulants or analog tremulants (AM and FM variable) as well as true sampled tremulants for those ranks which have this available.


  1.     8 discrete channels of selectable audio out

  2.     2 additional digital audio channels out

  3.     Ranks programmable to any one, two, or more audio channels


  1.     Operating Voltage - 110v / 220v

  2.     Length - 13 inches

  3.     Height - 5 1/2 inches

  4.     Width - 9 inches

  5.     Weight - 8 pounds

Orders for the Artisan Sound Engine can be placed immediately, with a 1 to 2 week lead time.

Artisan Sound Engine Price:  See Pricing Guide Page, F.O.B. Kenmore, WA  98028

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Artisan Sound Engine Documentation includes

instructions for the new graphical regulation program

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