Pricing Guide

Payment for products and services can be made by check, money order, or PayPal*.  We will no longer accept VISA or MasterCard directly.  However, PayPal will.

PayPal has a simple procedure for allowing anyone to make a payment with their credit card.  It works as follows:

Once the amount of product, services, and shipping method have been agreed upon between the customer and Artisan, we will create an invoice using PayPal.  PayPal will then send the invoice to the customer by email, along with simple instructions for payment by credit card.  When that transaction is complete, PayPal will then remit the funds to the Artisan PayPal account.

If a customer has their own PayPal account, they can choose to have payments made from that account, or from their bank account.

There are some distinct advantages to this method of transaction:

  1. 1.PayPal is a secure system.

  2. 2.There is no longer any need to phone in or email a credit card number to Artisan.

  3. 3.Artisan does not need to be, nor want to be, the holder of a customer’s credit card number on file.

  4. 4.Eliminates errors in transcribing at the Artisan end.  (e.g., dyslexic number interpolation or simply poor penmanship.)

  5. 5.Transactions are consummated rapidly and efficiently.

  6. 6.PayPal accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

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Terms and Conditions of Sale



Effective July 1, 2000




Cash with Order.




50% of quoted price with order.  Balance due and payable prior to final delivery.




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Prices for systems are FOB Kenmore, WA.  Normal methods of shipment are USPS, or ground service of FedEX.  If premium methods of shipment are required, please notify artisan prior to shipment.




Products manufactured by Artisan Instruments, Inc., or products to which Artisan Instruments, Inc. adds value are warranted to the Customer of whom such products are sold that they shall be free from defects in materials or workmanship for the period of ten (10) years after delivery to the end user.  Products of other manufacturers supplied by Artisan Instruments, Inc. carry the manufacturer’s warranty.


The above warranty is the sole and exclusive warranty given by Artisan Instruments, inc.  Artisan Instruments, Inc. disclaims any and all other warranties on such products, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, in fact or in law.


With respect to products not manufactured, fabricated or assembled by Artisan Instruments, Inc., or projects to which Artisan Instruments, Inc. does not add value, no express warranties are made whatsoever, other than the standard manufacturer’s warranty.  Artisan Instruments, Inc. specifically disclaims any and all implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, in fact or in law.  Artisan Instruments, Inc. will, however, transfer to the end user any transferable warranties on such products as may be issued by the respective manufacturers thereof, provided that Artisan Instruments, Inc. assumes no liability by reason of any such transfer, and that any such transfer is without recourse to Artisan Instruments, Inc.




Any item of product manufactured by Artisan Instruments, Inc. per the above warranty, which fails within the prescribed warranty period, will be replaced at no cost to the end user by module exchange.  Shipping costs of the faulty module to the factory will be borne by the customer.  The replacement module will be shipped FOB destination.  A memo billing invoice will accompany the replacement module, which will stand as a bona fide invoice until the faulty board is returned, and is payable in 30 days.  Upon return of the faulty module within the 30 day period, a Credit Memo will be issued to clear the outstanding invoice.


The above warranty does not apply under the following conditions:


  1. 1.If the module failure occurs due to alterations or modifications made by the customer.

  2. 2.If attempts to repair the module are performed without the consent and direction of factory personnel.

  3. 3.If the module failure is related to a component which is subject to a known finite lifetime (e.g., batteries)




Any item of product manufactured by Artisan Instruments, Inc. which becomes faulty after the 10-year warranty period can be repaired by module exchange.  A flat-rate service charge based on the average repair cost of the given module will be invoiced, not to exceed 35% of the cost of a new module, if the returned module is repairable to “as new” standards of quality and workmanship.  Otherwise, the module will be declared as salvage, and a new board will be shipped at the then current list price.  It is understood that modules in the exchange program may have been returned and refurbished under the same circumstances.  All modules supplied under the module exchange program are warranted against defects of materials or workmanship for a period of ninety (90) days.




Equipment returned for credit should be shipped prepaid to the Artisan factory in new condition within 60 days of date on invoice and will be subject to a 25% restocking charge for testing and handling. This restocking charge does not apply where equipment is being returned on an exchange basis. Custom built equipment, in some cases, is not returnable. Any equipment or component showing evidence of abuse, misuse, improper handling, modification, or damage will ordinarily not be returnable. For clarification on specific equipment contact the factory. Equipment returned for servicing should be shipped prepaid with a note explaining the symptom of the fault.  Normally, it will be return shipped to you within ten (10) business days or less. 


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Terms of Payment